What are the most important things to consider when naming your new Limited Company?

The adage "your business is your child" is especially true when it comes to naming a new company. Companies House should be your first port of call, where you can check to see if your desired name is still available or if there is already a business with that name in use. In this article, we'll go over how to conduct a Companies House company name check and go over everything you need to know about the implications of your Limited Company Name.

What Are the Name Requirements for a Limited Company?

In their incorporation and names guidance, the Companies Act 2006, the Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/17), and the Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Sensitive Words and Expressions) Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/3140) in the United Kingdom clearly outline the rules and regulations for choosing a company name.

A Companies House company name check will tell you which names are available to you. Before conducting a Companies House company name check, it is critical to consider the following factors:

Avoid doing the following:

✿ Registering a company name that is identical to any other company name on the register will result in public confusion and misunderstanding. However, if the existing company agrees to register your name or if your new company is part of the same group as a current company, this is not an issue.
✿ Using words in your company name that imply your company is affiliated with the UK Government, a public authority, the Royal family, or any other type of official institution.
✿ Using words with connotations of business clout or a specific type of status.
✿ Any reference to a geographical location in a company name implies a connection to an official organization or administrative authority, such as "The United Kingdom," "London," or "Scotland," for example. As a result, words/company names would require approval from the Secretary of State at Companies House.
✿ Choosing a company name that contains offensive words or refers to illegal activity.

Consider the following factors:

✿ You can avoid intellectual property infringement and potential legal disputes by checking the Trademark register.
✿ If you want to use a word that implies a particular profession or function, you must show that you are legally qualified to provide that service. You will also need permission from the relevant body for your profession/qualification.
✿ Private limited companies are required by law to include the words "Limited" or "Ltd" at the end of their name. The abbreviation "Cyfyngedig" or "CFY" can be used by companies registered in Wales. There is no legal distinction between the full "Limited" and the abbreviated "Ltd"; both can be registered and are interchangeable once formed.
Certain limited by guarantee companies may be subject to additional exemptions, which you should be aware of before embarking on your new venture. For more information on Limited by guarantee companies, go to gov.uk.

Dissolved Limited Company Names

It is not illegal for you to use the name of a dissolved limited company. However, it may be worthwhile to simply research the company's previous trading activities to see if there are any negative/criminal associations with that specific name. This ensures that you are aware of and prepared for any customers who may have had a negative experience with the previous company, allowing you to avoid risking reputational damage before you even begin!

Similar to a Companies House company name check, you can learn about a company by reviewing their most recent set of accounts. Furthermore, a quick Google search will turn up newsworthy information about the defunct company. A credit check on the dissolved company may be beneficial because it will reveal whether the company has any County Court Judgments (CCJs).

Checking a Company's Name at Companies House

The next step is simple now that you know what to look for and what options are available. Simply use the Government's name availability checker to run a Companies House company name check.

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